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“The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you.

And you don’t have to listen.”

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About Us

Never The Same Class Twice

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LeapFrog Gymnastics, first known as Kerrigan Gymnastics Academy, was created in 2007 by us,  Sara and Rory Kerrigan.  Being former high-level athletes we automatically focused on developing and training high-performance athletes.  Our passion for the sport led us to producing Provincial, Western, and National level athletes.   In 2008 we welcomed our first son, Maximus.  He really opened up our eyes to what young children need to help them grow physically and to push their little minds and bodies and learn what they are capable of.  We were fortunate enough to have family help us look after our son while we worked but realized there were a lot of other families that were struggling to find a safe place their child can attend while they were at work. That's when we added our own childcare centre to Kerrigan Gymnastics, which became Kerrigan Children's Active Learning Centre. During this time we had our second son, Ronin.

Being a parent and having our boys attend school, other programs and of course their gymnastics class kept us busy nevermind running a business, training and travelling with competitive athletes and operating a fully licensed childcare.  We needed to make a change for our family.  Our boys brought us back to how wonderful the basics of gymnastics is for a child. Watching them learn how to hold onto the bar and trust themselves to hold on and lift their little feet off the floor...the smile and confidence we get see in something we think is simple but is really a big physical and mental developmental milestone for a child. Being able to walk on the beam and make it to the end without falling off, walking their toes up the wall to a mini handstand and being balanced on their hands only, it's amazing being able to see what each child is capable of if they're give an opportunity to trust themselves, to be confident in themselves to be able to do it. This made a big difference outside the gym for our children.

This is when LeapFrog Gymnastics was born.  A facility dedicated completely to non-competitive gymnastics participants, all levels and ages now benefit from the all round physical and cognitive benefits of gymnastics in a fun frog themed environment. We've created a new and progressive program that challenges children but also keeps each and every class a fun and enriching experience. 

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