Gymnastic classes for all children, starting from when they can walk.


Camps & Events for Children aged 3 year & up


Your very own private party.


Explore & Play with your child. Monday from 10:30am to 11:30am. For children 5 years & under. 

About Us

LeapFrog Gymnastics is a unique facility with specialized equipment and unisex program created by us. We strive to create a fun and enriching experience each and every visit, whether it is a gymnastics class, school field trip, birthday party, Adventure Day or Adventure Night. We instill self confidence, respect, trust, self-control and healthy lifestyle habits in a warm and positive environment.

Birthday Parties

Book your very own private party now. 


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Register Online


At LeapFrog Gymnastics, we strive to make registration simple and convenient. with an accommodating schedule. Starting and ending classes when you want., and easy 24/7 online registration.

Explore and see for yourself how different we are from everybody else.

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1564 Booth Avenue, Coquitlam,

British Columbia, Canada V3K 1B9  |  Tel: 604-528-9988

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LeapFrog Gymnastics | 1564 Booth Avenue Coquitlam B.C. V3K 1B9

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